Happy Skin Ahead

Happy Skin Ahead

When I started Stephanie's Soapery in March of 2021, I had some ideas of what I'd like to add on to my product line. But it was a special request from my best friend that got me researching and developing lotion.

As I sifted through and tried various recipes, I finally settled on two. Making lotion is a pretty involved task, from completely disinfecting my kitchen to bottling and labeling. I wanted to make sure I had lotion that I was proud of making. After testing it with friends and family, I made these available in my shop:

Hemp Shea cream
Hand & Body Cream with Hemp & Shea - this one is pretty thick. Packed full of moisturizing ingredients, this one is great all year, but I especially like it during winter. It's ultra moisturizing without being greasy!


Oatmeal Lotion
Hand & Body Lotion with Oatmeal & Honey - this is a lighter lotion, more of a medium weight. It is packed full of great ingredients like little oatmeal, hydrolyzed oats, and real honey. These are all great for your skin as they are very moisturizing without being greasy. This is my go-to lotion year-round.

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