New Soap for March

New Soap for March

As much as I enjoy all of the seasons, I'm ready for springtime! We're adding new scents to the shop that will make you think of warmer weather...

March Handmade Soap
Lavender & Spring Apricot  |  Mahogany & Teakwood  |  English Pear
Bramble Berry  |  Sweet Cardamom Chai  |  Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey


We've received GREAT feedback for English Pear, so expect to see that in lotion and body spray soon.

Lavender and Spring Apricot is also quite lovely. We've previously offered that fragrance in bubble bars. Watch for that one in lotion and bath bombs!

If you'd ever like to see your favorite scents in other products that we make, just let us know! You can send a message through the Contact tab on our website.

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