Whipped Sugar Scrub

Reformulating recipes

From time to time, I will tinker with a recipe. Sometimes this is to add even more great ingredients to a product; other times it's to fix an issue.

Reformulating sugar scrub... I've received great feedback on my sugar scrubs. I make it from scratch, including the base that whips up to create the light texture. Last summer, I started having problems with some of the scrubs deflating during shipping. I don't want that for my customers, so it was time to reformulate!

I still make my base from scratch and whip it up to be fluffy. Now I add some cocoa butter which is so moisturizing... and it helps the scrub keep its shape. After the cocoa butter, I add more skin-nourishing oil as well as lots of sugar and amazing fragrance.

I hope you love our Whipped Sugar Scrub! If you ever have any issues with it (during shipping or otherwise), please let me know by contacting me at contact@stephaniessoapery.com.

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