What sparked my interest in soap making?

What sparked my interest in soap making?

I had purchased 2 pounds of organic Shea butter to moisturize my skin during the dry Colorado winter months, but was struggling to use it before its best buy date... and I didn't love the greasiness it left on my skin. After a not so quick internet search, I decided to make some body butter (which I plan to make for my shop in the fall) and started learning about soap making. To be honest, I was a bit intimidated and scared to use lye. As I researched more and more I finally decided to give it a try. Initially I just planned to use up the Shea butter by making soap for Christmas gifts. It was so much fun and I loved the way it made my skin feel. I loved the amazing fragrances available. I was hooked! Then I started getting great feedback from friends and family. This fueled me to learn more about the process & ingredients (especially compared to the commercially produced soaps I had been using) and sparked an interest in starting a business.

And here I am today.

It brings me great joy when a customer says how great their skin feels... or when a mom says she had been neglecting herself a bit, but now has a reason to relax and enjoy a bit of self-care.

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